idea management & innovation controlling tool

1 High demand to gather new ideas by employees and to organize and evaluate. 2 High complexity of integration of the idea evaluation process into the workflow. 3 Need for an appropriate incentive system to motivate employees to share their ideas. 4 Necessity of software-based support.

1 Simple user interface for self driven input. 2 Classification and preliminary assessment of ideas by employees. 3 Classification and evaluation of ideas in the workflow by selected inhouse experts. 4 Tailored workflow integration. 5 Science based incentive system for the motivation of the employees. 6 Simple implementation of a responsive application.

1 Model is based on academical research, 2 team-workflow-optimization and 3 key performance indicators (KPI) (eg. based on Läge 2002, Thom 1980, Goffin 2009 Jaberg 2010, Becker / Gora / Ehrhardt 2008 etc.).