idman – the IDea and innovation MANagement tool enables you and your company

  • to keep step with accelerating innovations in technology, science and the markets,
  • to develop a company innovation management, integrating knowledge, ideas and improvements of the employees based on an incentive system
  • to be as easy, as efficient, as flexible and as effective as possible,
  • to motivate the staff with an well-designed, scientific based incentive system
  • the reduction of complexity in companies, resulting from new devices, products, standards, services, requirements changing quickly,
  • to be supported by model based approaches from psychology, cognition sciences, management theory, usability research, statistics, marketing etc.,
  • an interdisciplinary model architecture
  • the Unified Modelling Language (UML) based integration of diagrams: use cases, classes, objects, activities, functions, variables, sequences, deployment
  • Agile Management: User Stories, Epics, Story Boards, Scrums etc.
  • idman beta is available on GitHub.